You May Not Know These Things About Commercial Cleaning Services

If you work in an office, and you’re a typical worker, then you’re spending about 60% of your time at the office. That’s more time than at home!

Now if you’re like most people you like being in a clean and orderly place. Dirty and messy places are chaotic, aren’t they? While that may appeal to some people for a time, the vast majority of office workers would prefer to be in a clean and comfortable working environment. Thankfully, there are commercial cleaning services like Golden Star Janitorial Services of Upland, California, and these services keep office spaces clean thanks to regular cleanings.

Commercial cleaning services help take good care of commercial office space and workstations/desk areas. They use a variety of cleaning tools and products to ensure the health and safety of people in such an environment.

Air Quality

Air quality is something most people don’t think much about– air is there, but it’s not discussed much unless there’s a noticeable problem with it. Indoor air quality can be bad when you’re inhaling a lot of dust rather than fresh air. Allergens and mold can cause health problems for sure. Commercial cleaners can help improve indoor air quality.

Bacteria in High Volume Places

How about office desks and phones? They’re often covered with more bacteria than toilet seats. For instance, a typical office phone has over 25,000 bacteria per square inch. 

The Right Cleaning Supplies

Since the Covid pandemic, offices are more concerned about the hygiene and cleanliness of their people and things than ever before. Commercial cleaning services are busy keeping offices clean– the commercial cleaning industry is growing by leaps and bounds. “Green cleaning,” which means using only organic materials (rather than chemicals) to clean places, is catching on because it’s safe for people and the environment. 

More Time to Help Your Company

Now office workers could clean their own workspaces and burn about 200 calories per hour doing so, but realistically they’d rather be doing their jobs than cleaning… if you need your office cleaned, call Golden Star Janitorial Services at 909-233-5135 and ask what kind of cleaning services are available for your California office.