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    Coronavirus Cleaning

    Few things have shook the modern world more than the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of industry, businesses are prioritizing eliminating germs and keeping workers and customer....

    Floor Waxing

    Polished floors give your customers and visitors an inviting welcome and immediately show the professionalism of your business. You have invested a great deal in giving....

    Office Cleaning

    We provide cleaning services to small businesses, medical facilities, banks, schools etc. Throughout Southern California. We provide ourselves in supplying professional....

    Commercial Cleaning

    Keeping your business neat and clean shows you care about your customers’ experience and the appearance of your business. The cleanliness of your office or store is one ....

    Janitorial Cleaning

    Keeping your store, office or another work space neat, clean and tidy demands meticulous attention and regular care. We provide thorough, efficient and professional...

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpets are one of the first things your customers see in your business. Keeping your carpets clean and free of stains, dust, dirt and debris not only makes your office look inviting...

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    Janitorial Services for Commercial Businesses

    As the old adage goes, a first impression leaves a lasting impression. As such, it’s essential for businesses to consistently maintain a clean workplace that leaves a great impression on both their customers and their employees.

    5 Star Janitorial provides you with the commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA you need to keep your business neat and organized. We take care of dirty floors, dusty fixtures, smudged windows, and anything else that might make people wonder if your business is on top of things.

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    For over a decade, 5 Star Janitorial Service has built our reputation as being the preeminent janitorial service in Southern California.

    We offer commercial janitorial cleaning services in Ontario to our customers, and we tailor our packages to suit their unique needs.

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    Very professional and curteous staff. They have really come through for us during some emergency clean ups. Thanks guys!

    Knights Colubus

    Chief Executive


    Jose and his team always do a great job for us. I highly recommend their professional and prompt service!

    Scott Cheramie

    Chief Executive


    Shamrock Cleaning and Restoration refers out 5 Star Janitorial regularly. They do a wonderful job consistently,

    Larry Wilberton

    Chief Executive


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    Generally, janitorial services involve the cleaning and/or disinfecting of a commercial or business property. These can include such places as schools, medical buildings, business offices, industrial properties, and more.

    A company like 5 Star Janitorial provides a wide range of cleaning services, including Coronavirus disinfecting and more. Visit https://5starjanitorial.net/contact-us/ to request a free quote.

    Janitorial services refer to the professional cleaning of a commercial property such as business offices, medical offices, commercial properties, etc. When you hire a company like 5 Star Janitorial, their staff will visit your property and provide you with the custom cleaning services you have agreed upon.

    Contact their team today to learn more about their cleaning and Coronavirus disinfecting solutions.

    If you’re wondering what janitorial services may cost you, while it can vary depending on the range and size of a job/property, normally rates can vary from $25 to $90 an hour. On average, the normal cost is $39 an hour, but typically, you may be paying anywhere from $30 to $50 for work per hour.

    To get a free quote on cleaning and janitorial services, and to learn more about your options, call (909) 233-5135 today and speak to a 5 Star Janitorial team member now!

    A cleaner is normally referred to as someone who may clean windows, floors, and other places. A janitor is a professional who maintains and cleanliness and appearance of a commercial space – like offices, medical centers, etc.

    At 5 Star Janitorial, they offer a wide range of commercial janitorial services like virus disinfection, floor waxing, pressure washing, and much more. Visit https://5starjanitorial.net/contact-us/ to get your free service quote from them today!

    While a janitor’s duty can cover a variety of different things, some duties include cleaning and disinfecting surfaces within an office or property, steaming/vacuuming carpets, restocking washroom supplies, mopping floors, and more.

    If you are looking for cleaning and disinfecting solutions for your business, contact the cleaning team at 5 Star Janitorial for a free quote.

    You can try to calculate how many times a week your commercial space will need to be cleaned; is it daily, every other day? The size and square footage of your space will also play a role in calculating the janitorial services you may need. Also, think about what janitorial services you want.

    To learn more about what cleaning services you need, get a free quote on cleaning services from 5 Star Janitorial today.

    While knowing the exact pricing of janitorial cleaning can be difficult, since it can change from company to company, normally rates per square foot can be anywhere from 15 cents to 25 cents. Again, depending on the company you go with, they may charge hourly, which can range from $30 to $45.

    5 Star Janitorial is a cleaning company that provides a range of custom services and even Coronavirus disinfecting solutions. Contact their team for a free quote today!

    To roughly calculate your cleaning costs, calculate the approximate time it will take to clean each area. Once you have added that up, divide that by sixty and then take the hourly rate and multiple it. As an example, 300/60= 5 x 35 =$175. Remember, this is a rough estimation.

    A company like 5 Star Janitorial can provide you with a free estimate on their custom janitorial services and solutions. Contact them today to get started.

    Janitors can also be called custodians and sometimes cleaners as well. Mainly, their duties revolve around cleaning and disinfecting commercial spaces like malls, medical buildings, schools, offices, industrial properties, and more.

    To receive a free quote on custom cleaning services, and for more information, contact 5 Star Janitorial today.

    These stages cover prep clean, followed by a main clean and rinse, a disinfection stage, and then the final rinsing and drying of a space. It is always recommended to utilize disposable cloths since utilizing the same cloth for various surfaces can cause contamination. So, be sure to use a new one for each area, surface, and/or section.

    To learn more about commercial cleaning and for a free quote from the team at 5 Star Janitorial, visit https://5starjanitorial.net/contact-us/ or call (909) 233-5135 today.

    The three methods of sanitizing all revolve around heat. The three methods are hot air, hot water, and steam, which can all be used to sanitize a surface area. When using hot water in a sink, it must be a minimum of 171oF (77oC) to properly sanitize.

    5 Star Janitorial provides a range of commercial cleaning services, including disinfection and sanitizing services. Contact their team to receive a free quote today!