Commercial Sanitizing & Fogging Services

Are you looking for commercial sanitizing services in Ontario, California? If so, the experts at Golden Star Janitorial Inc are here to help.

Since 1999, Golden Star Janitorial Inc as helped our clients maintain a healthy work environment for customers and employees alike with our top notch commercial sanitizing services. We tailor our cleaning services to suit the exact needs of your company and industry, and we only use scientifically proven cleaning treatments that will fight against and eliminate germs, viruses and allergens.

Disinfectant Fogging Services in Ontario, CA

Disinfectant fogging services

One of our more popular cleaning methods is to utilize disinfectant fogging. Disinfectant fogging eliminates germs and disease causing agents that are on commonly touched surfaces or are circulating in the air. Impressively, disinfectant fogging services not only eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria, but it also removes mold and odors.

We invested in getting the best fogging devices to ensure our commercial customers have the dependable deep clean their buildings need. The fog uniquely reaches all areas of your building, including the hard to reach ones that may habitually get skipped over during the cleaning process. Notably, fogging is an ultra efficient method, as it doesn’t take long, yet will eliminate germs from surfaces, kill mold at the source and eradicate unwanted odors.

As such, when you hire Golden Star Janitorial Inc for your commercial sanitizing needs, you can feel rest assured knowing we’ll have your building looking pristine.

If you have any general or specific questions or would like to learn more about our commercial sanitizing services in Ontario, CA, contact us today.