Hotel Disinfecting & Sanitize Fogging Services

The quickest way to hurt your hotel’s reputation is to have an unclean facility, or to have a situation where a virus rapidly spreads within your confines. It goes without saying that both would be bad for business. As such, it’s prudent to rely on a professional cleaning company who uses the latest and most innovative cleaning techniques.

Disinfecting Fogging Services for Hotels

Hotel disinfecting services

Since 1999, Golden Star Janitorial Inc has provided superior cleaning services, including hotel disinfectant sanitizing fogging services in Ontario, California. Now, more so than ever before, it’s essential hotels do everything they can to keep their facilities looking pristine and more importantly, keep their guests and employees healthy and away from disease causing agents.

To make sure we provide our valued clients with the best service possible, we invested heavily in getting the best and highest rated fogging disinfectant equipment. Consequently, we’re able to thoroughly clean your hotels in near record time, including those hard to reach spots that often only get cleaned once in a while, if at all.

Not only does fogging sanitation eradicate 99.9 percent of viruses, allergens, germs and other disease causing agents, but it also eliminates mold at the source and removes odors. Undoubtedly, your hotel will never have felt cleaner and the air healthier than when we’re done with our hotel disinfecting fogging services.

As evidenced by our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we place a priority on customer service. If you have any questions about fogging services or if you’d like to learn more about how fogging can help your hotel, contact us at your convenience.