Why Industrial Businesses Should Hire Professional Cleaning Companies

Do you own or manage an industrial business? Oftentimes, industrial cleaning gets overlooked because there’s just a lack of attention to it. And industrial sites can become dirty quite quickly. That said, it’s important to keep industrial areas clean– it helps with worker and customer satisfaction, promotes safety and improves a place’s overall reputation. Types… Read more »

Here’s How Carpet Cleaning Services Benefit Your Business  

If you own or run a business in Chino, California, or surrounding communities like Ontario, Pomona or Rancho Cucamonga , how dirty are your carpets right now? Chances are good that your carpets are actually full of dust, dirt and debris! Have you thought about getting your carpets professionally cleaned? How might that benefit your… Read more »

Floor Wax vs Floor Polish

Floors can get dirty or dull quickly and easily. Keeping floors clean is quite a job, which is why many businesses hire professional cleaners like Golden Star Janitorial Inc to polish and wax their floors. While polish and wax both serve a similar function– to make floors look their best– they do have some differences…. Read more »

Commercial Cleaning Vs Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can specialize in commercial cleaning or residential cleaning, and, in some cases, they might handle both types of places. That said, generally a cleaning service concentrates on one or the other, and Golden Star Janitorial Inc of Chino, California, focuses on commercial cleaning services. Commercial Cleans Is there a difference between commercial and… Read more »

The Hidden Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Why hire Golden Star Janitorial Inc to do commercial cleaning services for you? Well, there are many benefits! Increased Productivity A clean office or commercial space helps achieve maximum employee productivity. They’re not dealing with dirty, dusty floors, walls and ceilings that could be bad for their health (and bad for equipment and machinery, too)…. Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Concrete Cleaning Services?

In Ontario, California, and surrounding communities, Golden Star Janitorial Inc offers professional concrete cleaning and high-pressure washing services, working on surfaces and equipment of all kinds. Have you ever had the concrete surrounding your house cleaned? How about your driveway and sidewalks, or patios and walkways? Keep in mind that concrete is porous and it… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Have Your Company’s Windows Professionally Cleaned

Do you own or manage a California business in Ontario, Chino or the surrounding areas? If you have a commercial business with windows or other glass surfaces, it’s a smart idea to have those windows and surfaces professionally cleaned by a company like Golden Star Janitorial Inc of Chino, California.  What are some reasons for… Read more »