Here’s How a Dirty Office Can Affect Your Employees and Workplace

Do you have a dirty office that hasn’t been cleaned in a while? Think of all the people who’ve touched the door handles, elevator buttons, toilet seats, etc. Not everyone washes their hands after going to the bathroom! And what about all the people coughing and sneezing all over things (and people), spreading sickness? Ugh!

Dirty Offices Are a Health Risk

Offices can be cluttered with dusty, dirty junk, but they can also be harboring germs, bacteria and viruses if not cleaned regularly. When you’re in a dirty office you’re more susceptible to getting infections and/or sick. A dirty office space is a health risk.

What does a dirty office do to your workplace and workforce? Well, it doesn’t help it. Beyond the issue of physical health issues caused by a dirty office, there’s the mental toll it takes on people. Dirty offices can make people more stressed out; They also decrease morale. After all, do people prefer working somewhere clean or somewhere dirty? You know the answer.

Psychologically, people like cleanliness and orderliness. They don’t thrive in chaos. So, a clean office can boost mental focus and job productivity. A dirty one can get people in a bad mood. Maybe the people in your office are negative nellies because the place hasn’t been cleaned in “forever.” 

Allergens and Mold

If you notice a lot of sneezing in your office, you could have allergens and mold causing problems. How’s your ventilation? Full of dust? How’s the air quality? Do you have any damp spaces covered in a black goo? Yikes. What about humidity levels? If they’re too high, you’ll have issues. 

Professional Janitorial Services

Dirty offices can lead to safety hazards in the workplace whereas people trip over items, falling down and hurting themselves. And if things aren’t stored in an orderly way, good luck navigating around a messy, junk-filled room. God forbid there’s a fire and people can’t escape because clutter and the accumulation of materials block exits. 

If you work in an office and/or manage one, then the health and safety of people in that office should be a priority. Thankfully, you can call Golden Star Janitorial Services of Upland, CA, at 909-233-5135 and hire the company to take good care of your place so it’s no longer dirty.