Concrete Cleaning & Pressure Washing in Ontario

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For deep cleaning both indoors and outdoors, Golden Star Janitorial Inc offers professional concrete cleaning and high-pressure washing services in Ontario, California, and the surrounding areas. We work with surfaces and equipment of all kinds and exercise great care to ensure the space is shining clean and any paint, finishes or delicate parts are left flawless.

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Power Washing Service Areas: Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, California.

Our Service Area

We serve businesses across Southern California, including Ontario, Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and more. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we tailor services based on your needs, schedule and budget.


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Concrete Cleaning Services At It’s Best!

If you’re working with a budget we will be more than happy to work with you without sacrificing service. Golden Star Janitorial Inc uses state of the art machines, can respond quickly and offers a satisfaction guarantee.

Concrete Cleaning Services From The Pro’s

Our Services

Whether you need your parking lot scrubbed clean of weeds and dirt, you want your indoor floors and equipment clean of oil and stains, or you want to remove dust, bugs or unsightly graffiti from walls or outbuildings, we can help. High-pressure washing cleans deep into surfaces and removes the most stubborn stains, leaving brick, concrete, siding, metal and more looking new again.

Pressure Washing Equipment

We use a range of industrial cleaners and cleaning equipment to get to high up and hard-to-reach places, scrub away resilient stains, and work safely indoors and outdoors. Whatever area, surface or equipment you want cleaned, we have equipment to safely and efficiently do the job.

Pressure Washing Staff and Service

Contact us today for a free quote and on-site demonstration of our power washing services. We can arrange concrete cleaning and high-pressure washing services in Ontario for your building, parking lot, parking structure, warehouse and more.