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When you’re trying to impress customers, clients, and other VIPs, aesthetics matter.  You’re going to be judged on every aspect of the presentation of your business, and your indoor standards of cleanliness are part of that presentation.  If a visitor comes to your place of business and notices your windows are dirty and grimy, that’s going to reflect badly on your operation.

Of course, aesthetics aren’t the only consideration.  Windows that go too long without washing and cleaning are more likely to become damaged and have that damage go unnoticed.  Poor maintenance can reduce the lifespan of your office or building, and reduce its property values as well.

Professional window cleaning isn’t expensive and only needs to be done a couple of times a year, making it an easy investment for any business.

Golden Star Janitorial Inc offers high-quality window-washing at affordable prices!  We’ve been providing janitorial services to the Ontario, California, area since 1999 – and we have plenty of satisfied customers who love the results!  We have the skills and expertise to keep your windows bright and attractive, year-round.

Golden Star Janitorial Inc Keeps Your Windows Looking Great

We know your office has a unique look, with its own visual features, and we want to help bring out that look.  Our Ontario window cleaning services can handle every glass surface in your office, including:

  • Storefront windows
  • Windows with awnings
  • Sliding doors
  • Windowed doors
  • French doors
  • Exterior ground floor windows
  • Stained glass pieces
  • Fixed pane windows
  • Skylights

With more than twenty years’ experience, we know how to safely keep your windows and glass surfaces looking great!

Window washing service

The Right Tools For The Job

Why hire Ontario window cleaning services when you could theoretically do the work yourself?  Well, first, do you really want your workforce to spend their time washing windows?  That’s a distraction that prevents them from doing their actual jobs!

Also, professional janitorial services have tools, supplies, and equipment that aren’t typically stocked in an office.  We have water brooms and high-powered pressure washers which are highly effective in cleaning windows, as well as high-grade cleaning chemicals.  We can do the job faster and better than your own staff!

So if your windows are looking a bit grimy, don’t let the problem get worse.  Call Golden Star Janitorial Inc to schedule a professional window cleaning in Ontario!

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