Warning Signs of a Untrustworthy Janitorial Services Company

You want to hire a good janitorial cleaning company, right? But sometimes you end up hiring a bad one. What are some warning signs you might be working with a bad janitorial cleaning company?

Vague Pricing

For starters, if a company is vague about their pricing and they won’t give you details of simple things like per hour charges, steer clear!

Poor Communication

Next, if the company is terrible at communication, such that no one ever answers the phone, emails don’t get returned or their version of customer service is speaking rudely to you and/or hanging up on you, they’re not good.

Low Hiring Standards

Thirdly, consider security! What if the company doesn’t screen their hires and they end up hiring people who rob customers of valuables? Yikes! Companies need to do drug tests and background checks so they know they’re getting reliable and trustworthy employees who won’t take advantage of their customers.

Unreliable Employees

Some companies aren’t good at keeping track of their employees. If you have to call the main number and ask “Where are the workers?” and the reply is “I have no idea,” then that’s not good. Attendance is vital, right? If workers don’t show up, or they’re always late, that’s a warning sign that you’re working with a bad janitorial cleaning company.

Lack of Training

Other things to consider include whether or not a company can share with you details about how their workers are properly trained (they should be) and whether or not they have high turnover. You want consistent “results” from workers who know what they’re doing, show up when they’re supposed to, and include the same faces week after week. A company with high turnover often has problems.

Unmaintained Equipment

Finally, you want to work with a company that has the latest and best cleaning equipment. If they’re lacking in that department, and/or they don’t care about quality control, that’s going to affect their overall service in a bad way.

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