Floor Wax vs Floor Polish

Floors can get dirty or dull quickly and easily. Keeping floors clean is quite a job, which is why many businesses hire professional cleaners like Golden Star Janitorial Inc to polish and wax their floors.

While polish and wax both serve a similar function– to make floors look their best– they do have some differences. For instance, polish is used to shine or restore floors, whereas wax is used mainly as a protective sealant. Wax also helps soften the look of floors, and if you’ve got varnish on your wooden floors, a coat of wax will help it not only look better, but also help the varnish last longer while protecting the floor from things like dirt and grime.

Floor Polish

Floor polish is typically a clear liquid– a non-waxy substance– that gets applied to floors using rags or a mop. Not only will polish help lock in essential oils, but also protect the surface from drying and/or cracking. Meanwhile, polish restores luster and shine.

Floor Wax

Floor wax is a liquid that fills in grooves on the floor while also protecting the floor from future scratches or abrasions. Floor wax is typically put on hardwood floors or linoleum, for example, to give floors a shiny, fresh finish.

Floor Waxing and Polishing Services in Ontario, CA

If you work somewhere in Southern California (near Ontario, CA) with floors that are not only dirty but also look dull from months of wear and tear, maybe it’s time to call Golden Star Janitorial Inc and ask about cleaning services, including polishing and waxing your floors. Golden Star Janitorial Inc, of Ontario, CA, has the right products and equipment to get the job done correctly without harming your floors. Please call 909-233-5135 for more information, particularly about waxing your floors. Give your floors, whether they’re tile, marble, linoleum, granite or concrete, a “like-new” shine! Have Golden Star Janitorial Inc clean them regularly.