Commercial Cleaning Vs Residential Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can specialize in commercial cleaning or residential cleaning, and, in some cases, they might handle both types of places. That said, generally a cleaning service concentrates on one or the other, and Golden Star Janitorial Inc of Chino, California, focuses on commercial cleaning services.

Commercial Cleans

Is there a difference between commercial and residential cleaning services? Sure! Commercial deals with things found at/in a business or work setting, such as offices or warehouses. With commercial cleaning, there could be hazardous cleanup and heavy cleaning involved. Commercial cleaning might involve cleaning machinery, dealing with chemicals and industrial solvents, etc.

Residential Cleans

 Residential cleaning is a bit different because it involves cleaning homes where people live. So, residential cleaning might involve cleaning kitchen floors, bathroom sinks, etc. In some ways, residential cleaning needs to be much more detail oriented.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Ontario, CA

If you have a commercial property in the Chino, California area, Golden Star Janitorial Inc can clean it. Services include sanitization, office cleaning, construction clean up, etc. What are some of the commercial establishments that Golden Star Janitorial Inc’s cleaners might clean? Well, there are medical offices, auto dealerships, daycare centers, banks and warehouses to name a few. These are places where people work and they do need to be cleaned professionally. Carpets can be cleaned, floors can be waxed and polished and then there’s the whole coronavirus deal which often involves disinfecting things and areas to get rid of germs and viruses.

When you want professional commercial cleaning services for your business or organization in and around Chino, California, call Golden Star Janitorial Inc at 909-233-5135 or email Golden Star Janitorial Inc covers a wide area, including most of The Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Orange County. Basically, we travel within a 30-mile range from Chino, CA. Most of the time Golden Star Janitorial Inc is available to clean your place within 24 hours.