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Why you should hire a median size company instead of a large firm to clean your office.

A lot of people search daily for a janitorial or cleaning firm that will do the job right with out having them self supervise the cleaning crew. It could be frustrating having to check on the cleaning services they are doing. you call the company supervisors and the problem is not solved or cant reach… Read more »

Making a decision on who to hire to clean your building.

How many times have you ever gone in to the internet and ask your self is this janitorial service the right fit to clean my office or building? We at Golden Star Janitorial Inc have the solution for you. 1. We screen all of our crews. 2. We drug screen all of our crews. 3…. Read more »

All cleaning services are not the same, some are fast respondents, some have knowledge personal, some do the minimum and some you’ll see the office staff once and never see them again. We at Golden Star Janitorial Inc are one of the best companies in your area and are proud to said that our staff and company owner Jose Guerra is very active in the field ensuring that the job gets done right over and over. We have little margin for error on our end. Golden Star Janitorial Inc is growing enormously fast every year we go through a very intense training to ensure all of our staff is meeting the expectations of our customers. Not only that we are innovating and investing in new machinery to ensure our customers get the best of us.

Why choose Golden Star Janitorial Inc over others?

Golden Star Janitorial Inc is the only company in the industry that promised the job will be done to the customer’s satisfaction. Golden Star Janitorial Inc has been in business since 1999 and has stand up to its name making client’s happy about their experiences that have received. Working hand on hand with every one… Read more »

How we distinguish our self from the others.

We treat every job with the same responsibility and professionalism as if it was a large building small office space. With a full staff of people train and over seeing every detail at its best. Not only that with safety meeting conducted regularly to encourage and increase the ability of everyone working with Golden Star… Read more »

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Ontario, CA

Are you looking for the best janitorial cleaning services in Ontario, CA? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Since 1999, Golden Star Janitorial Inc has been providing exceptional janitorial cleaning services in Southern California, serving commercial customers in Ontario, Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, and surrounding areas. Locally owned and operated to this day,… Read more »