Why you should hire a median size company instead of a large firm to clean your office.

A lot of people search daily for a janitorial or cleaning firm that will do the job right with out having them self supervise the cleaning crew.

  • It could be frustrating having to check on the cleaning services they are doing.
  • you call the company supervisors and the problem is not solved or cant reach the person in charge.
  • Doors and alarms are not been set properly and you wonder at night if your office or building is secure.
  • The janitor is bringing minors or anauthorized personal to your building.
  • The Janitor will used the phone or computers with out autorisation.
  • Leaving the job site early.

Having employees that they only worried about them self and getting a check and walking away with out caring.

Here at Golden Star Janitorial Inc we care about our clients and go thru a high and hard training to ensure your job gets done with care and dedication. We go the  extra mile to do a well done job, Not only that we guarantee all of our jobs 100% and we don’t leave until the job is right. Our commitment is direct and strait forward to you and your office or building.