Month: June 2020

How to take care of your church or school Covid-19

This guidance is intended for all Americans, whether you own a business, run a school, or want to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your home. Reopening America requires all of us to move forward together by practicing social distancing and other daily habits to reduce our risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19. Reopening… Read more »

The Parameter Values:  Definitions

Parameter values that vary across the five COVID-19 Pandemic Planning Scenarios (Table 1) include measures of viral transmissibility, disease severity, and pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic disease transmission. Where sufficient data are available, age-stratified estimates are provided. Viral Transmissibility Basic reproduction number (R0): The average number of people that one person with COVID-19 is likely to infect in… Read more »

Reopen Your California Business With the Right Cleaning Plan in Place

As businesses in California begin the process of reopening, it’s essential to have the right cleaning practices in place. At Golden Star Janitorial Inc, we use of a fogging disinfectant machine and disinfectant cleaners to make sure our clients’ businesses are free of the coronavirus and safe to use. Let’s take a look at California’s… Read more »

How to clean and disinfect Clean

Clean Wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect. Clean surfaces using soap and water, then use disinfectant. Cleaning with soap and water reduces number of germs, dirt and impurities on the surface. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces. Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. More frequent cleaning and disinfection may be required based on level of use. Surfaces and objects in… Read more »

What are environmental nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs)?

Environmental NPIs include routine surface cleaning that helps to eliminate the flu virus from frequently touched surfaces and objects, such as toys, refrigerator handles, desks, and door knobs in homes, childcare facilities, schools, workplaces, and other settings where people regularly gather. Public health professionals need the help of administrators of schools, workplaces, and community events… Read more »

Preparation of Cleaner Air Shelters and Cleaner Air Space

Cleaner air shelters and cleaner air spaces should be prepared using existing information about the identification and preparation of spaces to protect the public from wildfire smoke. Minimum requirements for air conditioning and air filtration are described in Appendix B of Wildfire Smoke: A Guide for Public Health Officialspdf iconexternal icon. At minimum, facilities should have… Read more »