Reopen Your California Business With the Right Cleaning Plan in Place

As businesses in California begin the process of reopening, it’s essential to have the right cleaning practices in place. At Golden Star Janitorial Inc, we use of a fogging disinfectant machine and disinfectant cleaners to make sure our clients’ businesses are free of the coronavirus and safe to use. Let’s take a look at California’s reopening plan and examine how hiring a professional cleaning service with a fog cleaning machine can help your business during this time.

California’s Reopening Plan

For the past few months, California has been in stage one of their 4 pronged approach; stage one entails everyone staying at home except for essential workers. Thankfully, as the curve has bent and the numbers are improving, many parts of the state are heading into stage 2. Hopefully, after a few more weeks, they’ll head into stage 3, then stage 4 a few weeks after that. Here is an outline of the 4 stages:

  • Stage 1- Everyone is home except essential workers.
  • Stage 2- Businesses that are considered to be a lower risk for spreading the disease can start opening, under special protocols form the state. This includes many non essential manufacturing facilities, schools, childcare facilities and retailers that can provide curbside pickup, or non-essential businesses where working from home isn’t an option.
  • Stage 3 – Higher risk workplaces such hair barber shops, hair salons movie theaters and fitness centers can open under state guidelines.
  • Stage 4 – This would be the light at the end of the tunnel where the stay at home order is complete, and concert venues, sporting events and other businesses that rely on large, live crowds can reopen.

The Benefits of Cleaning With a Fogging Disinfection

Fogging refers to using a deliberately placed nozzles as part of an overall system then dispensing a given area with a disinfectant, germ killing chemical. The chemicals we use are all approved and recommended by the CDC and FDA. In fact, fogging has been used for years in businesses like food manufacturing facilities. Here are some the benefits of having your business professionally cleaned with a fog disinfectant machine:

  • It efficiently cleans a whole room, including hard to reach areas
  • It helps control cross contamination
  • It quickly eliminates airborne microorganisms
  • It helps remove odors
  • It is safe to use on common plastics, metals, fabrics, electronics and food prep areas

Golden Star Janitorial Inc provides cleaning services for businesses in wide range of industries in the Ontario, CA and San Bernardino County areas. For more information about using fogging cleaning and cleaning disinfectant services to fight against the spread of the coronoavirus, contact us today.