Why is it important to keep our carpets clean and our love ones healthy.

Why do we have to clean our carpets in our house or office!!.. Carpets can hold and trap dirt and soil that people bring from the street in their shoes on the daily basis of our lives. Even our pets may bring us germs and bad odors that may make us sick. Bacteria can hide in the fibers of your carpet, and can also hide in the bottom of the padding and the backing of the carpet. Your carpets can hold much more dirt and dust than any hard floors because they are much porous. The Norovirus is a bacteria that is a particularity common carpet-dewelling germ, it’s responsible for gastrointestinal on humans. It can live in carpets for a maximum of 6 weeks, when people walk on the carpet it can become airborne and get active. Also salmonella can be track on shoes if carpet is damp, campylobacter may faster in to the carpet fibers. This type of bacteria its mold and mildew. Typically we recomend replacing the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning and vacuuming will must likely extend the life of your carpets. It’s recommended that you vaccum your carpet at least 2 times per week and shampoo it every 6 months. Call us today for more details or a free analysis of your carpet cleaning service.

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