The Importance of COVID-19 Emergency Cleaning Services

To do our part in helping the community combat the spread of the coronavirus, Golden Star Janitorial Inc is offering COVID-19 emergency cleaning services in the Ontario and Chino, California areas. We’re available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for our customers to make sure they have the COVID-19 cleaning services they need to keep their homes or commercial buildings safe from this relentless disease.

How the Coronavirus Spreads

Generally speaking, the coronavirus most often spreads when an infected person releases respiratory droplets into the air, usually through a cough or sneeze. When these droplets are inhaled through the nose or mouths of people nearby, they too could become infected. As such, it’s why everyone is practicing social distancing (trying to stay at least 6 feet from one another) to avoid respiratory droplets being passed and to slow down the spread of the virus.

As well, the coronavirus can last on commonly touched surfaces, such as door handles, for as many as three days, according to some studies. Sadly, this makes it easy for the coronavirus to spread from person to person inside a workplace when employees are touching the same things and are in close confines to one another.

When Should You Have Emergency COVID-19 Cleaning Services?

In the unfortunate that a person in your workplace or home becomes infected, you should consider calling a company like ours to come and professionally clean your building or home. We have the expertise and the best industrial strength disinfectants that will eradicate remnants of the virus; typical household cleaning products may not be enough to get the full job done, as parts of the virus could still be left behind. Our cleaning specialists use CDC approved disinfectants and we will thoroughly clean any area that may have been infected, then properly dispose of the waste.

Of course, if don’t have anyone positive for the virus but you just want to stay proactive and have your businesses thoroughly disinfected,  you can call us at any time.

Our Cleaning Specialists Take All the Necessary Precautions

Moreover, our cleaning specialists follow all guidelines set forth by the CDC and WHO, including the fact we wear personal protective equipment at all times, we practice social distancing, and we have protocols for cleaning the equipment we use and the waste we dispose of.

If you’re in the Ontario, CA or Chino, CA areas and need COVID-19 emergency cleaning services, contact us at any time by calling 909.233.5135.