Spring cleaning tips.

Spring is here and like everything else is rejuvenating and your business needs that new look. Golden Star Janitorial Inc can make this as simple as you picking up the phone and call us at 909 233 5135 and schedule a free consultation.

Tile and grout cleaning services are available.  We will clean the floor and seal the grout to ensure that it will not get dirty as easily. We can put a protective sealer on the tile making it look fantastic and refreshing.

Floor buffing or stripping and waxing. This services will make your business aspects more attractive and will bring up the shine. When your floor is not to damage and has a fill we can clean buff and seal your floor making it look better and refresh. Golden Star Janitorial Inc can also offer stripping and waxing of your floors if they are to damage. By taking all the old wax sealing the floor and putting nothing but the best market wax available Golden Star Janitorial Inc can do it. Call us for a free estimated. (909)233-5135

Window washing can make your buisness look like new and appealing to your buisness.  With one of the best technology machine quimical free and green machine we can clean your building with out ladders or machinery. The. Appealing of your structure window will look amazing. Call us today and book for a free estimated. (909)233-5135

Carpet cleaning. Our most advanced carpet systems we have will help you keep your sick hours low. Due to dust and hidden germs keep in the fibers of the carpet even when you vacuum their is hidden dirt in them. Causing your employees and customers feeling with running nose and itchy eyes. Also it may have bacteria’s that can live in your carpet for up to 6 months. To prevent this is recommend that you do your carpets every 6 months. We can help with the most effective and efficient update technology available in the Industry in chemicals and machinery also the most experience personal. Golden Star Janitorial Inc is here to help. (909)233-5135

Office cleaning. It’s very important to keep your office well organized and keep. Regular cleaning is recommended but 1 time per year is recommended to remove all personal memorial and remove any unwarranted machinery that’s not helping you in your job. Clean any surfaces and things not reachable by regular cleaning of your custodial service. Also cleaning the air vents and replacing the filters constantly will help you keep your sick days low. Golden Star Janitorial Inc is here to help. Call us today for a free consultation. (909)233-5135