How to weed out the bad janitorial services

When you hire a new Janitorial company It Can be real exhausting job that takes time and effort.

1, Make sure you know is a local janitorial service and not a company that’s in another county, state or out of country. The fact is you will not have good supervision or non at all.

2. Make sure that they have general liability, workers comp, a bond and vehicle insurance. For a least a 1 million dollars and that your facility is named in the certificated. The fact  is that Workers comp will cover you and  your own worker comp against a employee getting hurt and cover you against a potential law suit against your own company. A bond will cover your company incase a employee of the janitorial service steels something from your place of work. A vehicle insurance will protect you against any damage to your site when they are driving in your premises.

3. Make sure the company do not sub contract your job. You might not get what you paid for usually this people don’t get paid enough money to do the job and they tend to take sure cuts to do the job and you’ll be not happy with the results of the job.

4. Uniformed employees are well ID and you will know who is in the building.

5. Well Id chemicals with a label will tell you what they are using and a MDS sheet will avoid any accidental wrong using of the product.