How Do Germs Spread in a Commercial Workspace?

What is a germ? The simple definition is this: a microorganism, especially one which causes disease. When you work in a commercial workspace, such as a warehouse or an office, you know that you don’t want to get sick because that means you have to take off work, reducing your paycheck, and that’s not good. Furthermore, who really wants to be sick, right?

Germs Spread Through Airborne Transmissions

In these pandemic times, people are more nervous about spreading germs than ever, and that’s true for workplaces. That said, how do germs spread at work? They generally spread through airborne transmission (coughs, sneezes) or surfaces where they accumulate.

Germ “Hotspots” In a Commercial Workspace

Where are the germ hotspots in a commercial workspace? Well, germs love door knobs and handles. They’re also found in or on carpeting, fixtures, office equipment and bathrooms. Germs can include viruses and bacteria.

Here’s where it gets interesting– the average worker touches some 300 surfaces every 30 minutes. Now if they’re touching things like door handles, there’s a good chance they could touch germs from a sick person who just touched that handle minutes ago. Then, if they take their fingers and rub their eyes, the germs get into their body– yikes! Now you see why there are those signs in bathrooms asking employees to properly wash their hands.

One way to help stay safe from germs is to apply some antibacterial solution to your hands after touching certain surfaces in the office or work area. You can also sanitize things like your desktop or keyboard with antibacterial cleaning solution.

Commercial Cleaning Companies Can Help Stem the Spread of Germs

It’s a good idea to hire a company like Golden Star Janitorial Inc to come clean your workspace properly and professionally if you want to help get rid of germs! Carpets can be cleaned to get rid of all sorts of things, including allergens like pollen, fungi and chemicals. High-touch areas like computer keyboards and office furniture can be sanitized daily. And don’t forget restrooms– you want clean ones, nor dirty, gross ones.

If you touch elevator buttons, coffee pots, vending machines and other things commonly found in a commercial workspace, you’re at risk for getting/spreading germs. Keep your workspace clean and sanitized; Hire Golden Star Janitorial Inc of Chino, CA by calling 909-233-5135.