Fitness Center Cleaning

According to a study from Business Insider, the average treadmill in a fitness center has almost 75 times more bacteria on it than one of the taps found in a public bathroom. The average exercise bike, meanwhile, has nearly 40 times more bacteria on it than a dirty cafeteria tray. What’s more, the average free weights have more than 360 times more bacteria on them than the typical toilet seat. These alarming statistics reveal just how important it is for you to call on a cleaning company like Golden Star Janitorial Inc to set you up with fitness center cleaning services in Ontario, California and the surrounding areas if you own a gym.

Professional Fitness Center Cleaning Services

It’s not hard to figure out why the average fitness center is filled to the brim with germs. Most people work up quite a sweat when they’re working out in the gym and perspire all over the equipment. They’re also constantly wiping down their foreheads and other parts of their bodies before then touching equipment. This makes it very easy for people to spread their germs throughout a fitness center. Golden Star Janitorial Inc can help you handle these germs with ease by supplying you with reliable fitness center cleaning services.

Armed with over two decades worth of experience, Golden Star Janitorial Inc will make sure your fitness center is cleaned from top to bottom. From wiping down your front desk and waxing your floors to sanitizing your gym equipment and locker rooms, we can take on any cleaning tasks you need done. We’ll stop your current members from spreading germs throughout your facility and make your facility look its best so that you don’t have any trouble attracting new members to your gym.

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