Don’t Forget to Disinfect These Surfaces in Your Office

It’s always important to take the much-needed time to clean your office to ensure that your workspace remains free of germs and stays looking nice. As you clean your office, it’s very easy to overlook many small details that can quickly become hotspots for germs and bacteria to grow.

Make sure your office is clean and safe by prioritizing the following places to disinfect:

Office Phones

If you share an office phone with other people throughout the day, you might want to think twice about holding the phone next to your face, especially during COVID-19. After each use, make sure you’re unplugging your phone and wiping it down with the proper disinfecting products. Every once in a while, you should consider having your phones cleaned professionally by an experienced janitorial team.


Up until the pandemic, we often don’t even think twice about opening and closing a door. Your doorknobs and handles are a hotspot for germs and bacteria to collect. After touching a door handle, your first reaction might not be to sanitize your hands. Instead, you may carry on with your day and eat a snack with your hands or touch your face and other surfaces. To avoid transferring germs and bacteria from person to person, keep your doorknobs cleaned regularly throughout the day.


The best way to go about cleaning your copier is to use an electronic or anti-static spray or wipe. Be sure to get into the hard-to-reach spots to ensure that no dust or debris is clogging the machine.

Keyboards and Desk Supplies

Your desk is another area of your office that you use daily. Because we spend a lot of time at our desks, it should be properly cleaned and sanitized often. Our desks are rarely given the attention they need for sanitation because they’re hooked up to computers and other electronics. If you’re nervous about harming your computer system by sanitizing your desk yourself, leave it to a professional janitorial team to help you clean.

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